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Love isn't cancelled

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Well, what a turbulent and challenging year it has been. I hope as you read this yourself and your families are keeping safe and well. It has certainly been a year where I have personally stopped to reflect and count all my blessings. This year has been a total challenge for all industries but particularly so for the wedding industry which relies on lots of forward planning and getting people together. Making any sort of plans beyond about a weeks notice has felt like trying to build a matchstick tower on a base of partially set jelly. However I am writing here to tell you that love isn't cancelled.

My heartfelt sympathy goes out to any couples who have been planning a wedding over recent months. Having to make tough decisions both personally and financially. To go ahead or not etc. My heart also goes out to all other wedding suppliers, many of whom are self employed like myself. This year I have probably lost about 90% of my income due to postponements or cancellations and I know I am not alone in this. I am also one of the lucky ones who has still been able to work and will (hopefully) continue to do so. It is understandable, with public health a global issue ,weddings as we know them are not the priority.

That said, micro weddings within the government guidelines will certainly become a theme for weddings over the next few months and for those couples who have stuck to their original dates, on behalf of myself and all your other wedding suppliers, we salute you. Against all odds you have decided to go ahead with your wedding day by adapting to the challenges that lie ahead. I would also add that the weddings that I have managed to be involved with this year, whilst not as originally planned, have been absolutely delightful. For me I have felt that what it does provide is a more mindful experience, with more time with a limited number of guests and also plenty of opportunity for amazing photos without the fear of missing out on the reception or those delicious canapés. This to me proves that whilst weddings as we may expect them have been put on hold, love is not cancelled.

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